Our Journey

We, some young entrepreneurs started the journey together in 2021. Being from textile background and alumni of the same university we are connected for a long time.

It came out that each of our founding team members has separately focused on Sustainability, Circular Economy, Nature, and the betterment of people.

After years in the fashion industry, we wanted to create a line of fresh and new products that included unique, high-quality hand-crafted items, hat could be carved from jute and other natural materials.

During our number of years travelling around many places in the world with a deep love for handicraft, we paid attention to the crafted bags and fashion items in the industry as I travelled.

We found that many of the high-quality hand-crafted staffs seen in different cities of the world are made in some rural villages of Bangladesh. It sparked a curiosity in us, and we started digging into these villages in Bangladesh to understand how much potential could emerge from these villages. During the research, it’s discovered that some organizations were already utilizing the skills of these artisans from these Bangladesh villages.

We investigated these artisans by traveling down to these villages in Bangladesh.  We found that these artisans were mostly women who lived in these remote villages and had a genuine love for craft-making and hand-weaving fashion items.

They created an impeccable work routine for themselves that didn’t interfere with their daily duties of being a wife and a mother. This routine required them to gather underneath a tree and just weave any item from almost any material they could lay their hands on.

The only thing was, they did it as a hobby and a relaxation technique. We hung out with these artisans for as long as it took, mingled with them to get to know them. They had amazing personalities, and their hand-weaving skills were almost perfect. But it needed more work.

Also, they opened up a lot about what their personal lives were and what they wanted. That was when I got the idea to employ them to work for us. And in exchange, they would earn a mouth-watering wage that would transform their lifestyle and help them meet their personal and family needs.

We partnered with some non profit social organisations who catered to the needs of artisans in remote villages. That way, we were able to enroll these artisans in hand-weaving training to improve their skills.

As time went on, I created a team of experts. Together, we executed this process of training and utilising the skills of artisans in a single village in Bangladesh. But now, my team and I are set to visit as many villages in Bangladesh as possible in search of artisans. The plan is the same as before; discover these artisans, train and improve their hand-weaving skills, then utilise it in creating fresh and new products for the brand.

In exchange, we impact their life by supporting them in all the core ways they need support, from educating their kids to giving their living condition a major facelift.

This is our story of starting the journey of Circular Co-Creation.

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